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Like Mother Like Daughter

mother daughter matching dressesMy daughter and I look so much alike that even without mother daughter matching outfits everyone knows I am her mom. However, while we look alike, we do not have matching personalities. We enjoy dissimilar foods, we prefer opposite clothing styles and we have different talents but over the years, we have learned to work and play together. Relationships between mothers and daughters are complex and require constant nurturing. Here are our suggestions for developing a wonderful relationship with your own mother or daughter.

Think beyond the traditional spa night (with mother and daughter in matching bathrobes) and the ever-popular movie night (in mother daughter matching pajamas.) These activities are fun but it is the frequent daily contact between mother and daughter not just mother daughter dates on special occasions that keep a relationship healthy and strong.

Volunteer to coach your daughter’s soccer team or to be her Girl Scout leader. Take her grocery shopping, help with her Algebra homework, sing a duet, cook dinner together, read the latest bestseller out-loud or take a mother and daughter self-defense class.

Get together with other mothers and daughters at a neighborhood or church event. My daughter and I played a mother daughter matching game at one of these and came away with the top score because she knew that I have 10 pillows on my bed and I knew that her favorite subject at school was writing.

Mother daughter dates can be an opportunity to pass wisdom from mother to daughter. Teach her to sew. Take a walk in the park and practice nature photography. Have a glam night where you give her advice on make-up and she tells you about current clothing trends.

My daughter and I once got matching haircuts and each donated 14 inches of hair to charity. We have been to college gymnastics meets where we were the only ones in T-shirts matching the visiting team. We challenge each other to finish logic puzzles and we make mother daughter matching bracelets. We have attended pro basketball games, taken dance classes together, dipped chocolates and gone window-shopping for clothes on the internet.

I remember a mother daughter sleepover with my own mom where we took matching duffle bags. I also have fond memories of baking cookies or sweet rolls in matching aprons. Once in a while, my mom would let me stay up late and the two of us would just make up silly stories. Because I want my daughter to have plenty of these happy memories, we try to spend a few unplanned minutes every day together and at least one formal date night every month. Try these suggestions with your own daughter and start making memories that will last a lifetime.
About the Author:
Barbara Alldredge is the owner of, an online boutique that sells mother daughter matching outfits. She is the mother of a teenage daughter.

As the premier company of its kind,, a family owned and operated business, caters to families seeking coordinating clothing. We offer "one stop shopping" for matching men's and women's styles, mother and daughter fashions, boys' apparel, doll clothes and pet outfits. To learn more about, please read our MATCHEEZ blog or check out our online catalog. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy your stay!