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Consultant Program Summary

Independent Clothing Consultant Program

This summary is intended to serve as an introduction to the Independent Clothing Consultant and “Show & Tell” Home Party Program. It is a general overview but not a complete guide to’s current company policies and practices. It is neither a contract nor an agreement.

Independent Clothing Consultants arrange home or office parties and other demonstrations (both called a “Show & Tell”) to sell products. Home parties are generally conducted in the home or office of a party host who may invite friends, co-workers and family to the party. The host may choose to provide refreshments for the guests. Demonstrations may be held as open houses, during craft fairs or at local businesses. Consultants conduct parties and demonstrations. They also collect orders.

All orders placed at a Show & Tell are shipped directly to the consultant. Guests at a Show & Tell receive 1/2 price shipping for all orders placed at the Show & Tell. Guests also receive a free surprise gift with their order. Free gifts are selected by the company. Guests at a Show & Tell may order online and include the consultant promotional code to receive their free gift however guests who order online will pay the full shipping charge. Guest orders placed online are credited to the consultant but are shipped directly to the guest.

Home and office party hosts receive a free surprise gift if at least 6 guests attend the party. There is no minimum order requirement for a Show & Tell. However, if home or office party sales reach at least $100, the party host may select a free gift from a specified selection of items. For each new party booked at the original party and totaling $100 or more in sales, the original host may select an additional free gift from a specified selection of items. For every $250 of products sold at the party, a host may purchase any item in the printed catalog or online catalog for 1/2 price.

Consultants receive an immediate 15% commission on all party sales. Party guests make payments directly to the consultant. The consultant remits payment for the order totals minus the 15% commission. Online orders may be credited to individual consultants, provided that the customer includes the consultant promotional code with the order. Online sales commission credits are paid monthly are may be subject to minimum amounts.

Consultants receive a $25 recruitment bonus for each new Independent Clothing Consultant who joins the team at the consultant’s referral. Recruitment bonuses will be paid when the recruited consultant completes their first quarter as an active consultant. Active consultants may purchase items for personal use with a 15% discount. (Additional commissions will not be paid on these items and regular shipping fees and local sales taxes apply for personal purchases.) Active consultants are eligible for yearly prize drawings. Additional yearly bonuses may be awarded for consultants who reach yearly sales goals. Sales managers provide advice and guidance for consultants and receive 5% of the consultant's party and demonstration sales. Top consultants and sales managers may receive rewards including trips, free clothing and special surprises.

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